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Vehicle Motion Control

The chassis plays a major role in ensuring safety, comfort and efficiency of a vehicle. If the chassis does not absorb strong impact, the advantages of automated driving are soon negated. To ensure that cars and commercial vehicles keep rolling smoothly, all systems that influence longitudinal, transverse and vertical acceleration must be linked and calibrated with each other.

In cubiX, ZF has a network solution that combines steering, braking, damping and an electric drive and controls all systems centrally. The active damping system sMOTION can, for example, operate in direct conjunction with the electric power steering, the electronic braking system, the rear axle steering (AKC) and the electric axle drive system. This provides a safe and comfortable driving experience for the vehicle's occupants, for both drivers and passengers alike.

Intelligent Dynamic Driving Chassis (IDDC) -  The ideal basis for new vehicle concepts

One platform, many vehicle types – the Intelligent Dynamic Driving Chassis (IDDC) from ZF is the ideal technical basis for highly automated electric vehicles. It combines innovative axle systems with an electric drive, environment sensors, as well as hardware and software to make it a self-propelled “skateboard.”

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